2016 IACDE World Convention in Montréal, Canada

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The International IACDE Convention 2016 was a great success!


Montréal, May 2016

What can pattern makers, clothing technicians and apparel professionals learn from circus-makers? And how about creativity and effectiveness, tradition and contemporary production together in the ratio?

These were two major issues of the IACDE Convention 2016 that took place from May 5th-8th May in Montréal, Canada.

Around 140 IACDE members from 9 countries all over the world focused for two days on the theme: “The diversity of Clothing Manufacturing - from traditional to contemporary processing”

Having traditionally the first day packed with exciting company tours at Jack Victor, Samuelsohn and Cirque du soleil, the IACDE Fashion show on that Friday is a tradition which was an obligation to resume in 2016.

On Saturday, IACDE President Roland Schuler officially opened the much-anticipated meeting. He gave an insight into the currently prevailing philosophies of the apparel industry. The focus was on the question of artisanal clothing versus high speed production in smart factories and why both will succeed.

How custom-made clothing and modern processing get together and which success can arise from a synergy was the subject of the first Panel. It was a discussion under the moderation of Alan Abramowicz, CEO of the Canadian clothing brands Hickey Freeman and Samuelsohn.

Still impressed from this discussion with six clothing-specialists the subject of the IACDE Young Talent Teaser “ultrasonic welding” showed a definitely new form of contemporary processing of clothing.

Joachim Hensch, Managing Director of Hugo Boss Textile Industries devoted himself with a lot of passion and interactivity to the subject Industry 4.0 and the smart factories.

Learning from the Cirque du Soleil? Yes!
Check out the latest achievements of the creative laboratory of a global brand…

Benoit Mathieu, vice president of Cirque du soleil, granted insights into the operation of a global brand company. His Presentation with lots of emotions and short films showed that Cirque du soleil is defined by much more than acrobat shows at the highest level. It is a highly-efficient and creative organization, the core of which is the so-called laboratory where Creativity-, Innovation- and Training- teams work together in different projects.

The "Interview on stage" and the final "Panel Discussion 2" were dominated by the innovative knowledge from the perspective of the associated industries. The product innovations of these companies could be seen and technically discussed immediately afterwards on the traditional "Marketplace of Innovations" in the exhibition area of the Congress.

The IACDE World convention 2016 was made possible by the estimated support of our valuable sponsors: Freudenberg, Chargeurs, Kufner, Lectra, Tohkai Thermo and Ropix!

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