History of the IACDE

The Story of 100 Years of Menswear Fashion

1910100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1910Before there were car shows in the USA there were menswear exhibitions, naturally in New York. In 1910, the year today's IACDE club was founded the USA was going through an economic growth phase. This included industry as well as retail.

1911100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1911In 1911 the IACDE or International Association of apparel Designers and Executives was founded as the NACD or National Association of Apparel Designers in Madison Square Garden in New York...

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The charter ceremony of the National Association of Clothing Designers (NACD) as the organization was called took place one year later on November 24, 1911 at the renowned New York Waldorf Astoria.At that time the "designers" comprised tailors, fashion pioneers, garment technicians, engineers and controllers. Shortly after its inception, the NACD had 100 members, a respectable number. The club represented one of the biggest economic associations at that time in the USA. It became an exclusive circle of leading menswear related specialists. A strong social impulse in the context of networking played an important part.

A characteristic for the club from the beginning was to encourage new fashion impulses, new designs, new pattern shapes: hence the change and innovation in menswear fashion.

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1919100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1919In the year 1919, the internationalization of the organization took place. The former American Association of Apparel Designers evolved into an international association. In addition to the chapters in the USA there are chapters currently in Canada, Italy, Germany and Japan...

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In 1919, imported Canadian men suits played an important part in the American Market. Therefore, the internationality of the club had to be clarified: On 16th April 1919 the name changed to IACD – International Association of Clothing Designers.

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1945100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1945In 1945, there were nine local clubs in Canada and the USA: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Rochester and Toronto. The clubs had a total of 157 members and held regular monthly meetings.
1967100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1967In 1967, Pierre Cardin was representing a new young fashion line as a guest at an IACDE Convention. Innovations now came along with modern, contemporary product developments and presentations.
1970100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1970The first seminar about fusible interlinings took place on the occasions of the international Cincinnati Convention in 1970 where more than 500 participants attended.
1980100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1980In 1985, there were 20 clubs and the idea of the IACDE spread in America, Europe and Asia with more than 500 members and chapters in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Latin America.

1991100 Years of Menswear Fashion 1991The apparel industry related manufacturers have always been playing a decisive role in an efficient garment production. However, it took until 1991 until IACD would incorporate the industry such as interlining and...

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button manufacturers, sewing machines and pressing equipment. This is recognized with the name extension at the time to IACDE – International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives. Thus, today industrial suppliers have the opportunity to become members and are granted a voice that ultimately serves to enhance the quality of the final product.

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2008/2010100 Years of Menswear Fashion 2010Globalization which began in the 1990s, shifted garment production from Europe and the USA to lower labor cost countries. Consequently, IACDE has opened further...

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chapters in Asia, especially in China (2008) and India (2010)

The significance of the club today reaches far beyond the roots and the boundaries of the American continent. The IACDE has always been dedicated to and captivated by a high quality exchange.

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2014100 Years of Menswear Fashion 2014More than ever the IACDE offers access to globally acting pattern designers, executives and suppliers of the apparel industry. It is the networking platform for all sectors of menswear fashion worldwide. It has always been the key to knowledge exchange of design products and services among top-decision makers of international apparel companies. IACDE has and continues to shape the future of men's tailoring.

2016New TechnologiesToday new technologies like 3.-D. Simulations in the creative process appear into business to force a faster and efficient Product Development. Designers and Pattern Designers will discover these kind of new technologies in an interactive atmosphere to increase creativity and to avoid an in-efficient product development.