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Gerber’s Bill Brewster about Mega-Trends

at IACDE World Convention 2017 | TOLLAND, Conn., USA – Milan - May 8, 2017
- The intersection of technology and fashion had been the theme of Bill Brewster’s presentation during this year’s World Convention of the IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers & Executives) in the fashion capital of Milan. Bill is the vice president and general manager, enterprise software solutions for Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated software and automation solutions for the apparel and industrial markets.
With the theme of this year’s convention - “Mega-trends and their influence on the fashion industry”. Brewster with his presentation discussed how mainstream technology and fashion intersects and the opportunities that technology provides now and for the near future. He will be covering topics such as the influence of cloud computing, 3D imaging, IoT, digital printing and mobile devices.
Key points for these trends include:
  • Cloud computing – aids efficient supply chain processes and collaboration for customers and partners around the globe.
  • 3D imaging – accelerating design and development, enhancing communication and reducing samples allowing decreased time to market.
  • IoT – enables connectivity to ensure data flow from process to process without error from a garment design to the store shelf.
  • Digital printing – allows for mass customization and fast fashion, bringing concept to consumer in a matter of days.
  • Mobile devices – enabling inspiration anywhere, ensuring production quality and socialization of concepts before they hit the stores.
“There are so many shifts in fashion occurring right now, and as a result of those shifts, there is a real ‘need-for-speed’ to stay on trend in the fashion world,” says Brewster. “Digitization has had a tremendous impact on the way that garments are designed, developed and produced.” Gerber plays a key role in the intersection between technology and fashion. Their key areas of innovation include: digital design, cloud computing, mobile devices, 3D imaging, smart automation and data management. “It was with great honor and pleasure that the global Gerber Technology team and our co-workers from the local Milan subsidiary could support this year’s World Convention, we are proud to having been an integral part”, underlines Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, Gerber’s marketing and Communication Director for the EMEA region. The IACDE World Convention 2017 included factory visits, speeches and workshops, panel discussions and featured an innovative marketplace where world-leading apparel suppliers exhibit the latest innovations.

About Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves 78,000 customers in 130 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel & accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign & graphics. The company develops and manufactures its products from various locations in the United States and Canada and has additional manufacturing capabilities in China. Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by AIP, a New York based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and has more than $3.0 billion assets under management. Visit www.gerbertechnology.com for more information.

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