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IACDE Convention in Milan, May 4-7

Consistent with the overall theme of the conference “Megatrends and their influence on the fashion industry” Freudenberg organized a Fashion Show in cooperation with Macpi.

Simone Visani, Head of Sales Europe, presented the most recent developments in the Freudenberg interlining range. Amongst others, creative bonding solutions for extremely elastic or transparent fabrics, super lightweight interlinings for sheer fabrics were introduced. As ``the alternative to down`` Freudenberg presented comfortemp® fiberball padding. The material consists of many small fiberballs. Between these fiberballs are many small air pockets which generate the high thermal insulation. Together with interlinings and canvases for classical menswear, Freudenberg presented an elastic nonwoven made of polyurethane that can be used as an elastic downbag to prevent fiber migration.

Mr Luca Mosso, Director Bonding Division at Macpi, showed some interesting Macpi technologies for stitch free and bonded garments. Macpi, leading company in the pressing field, has presented new innovative assembling techniques greatly improving one of the most complicated stages of garment production.

The total absence of stitches in bonded sportswear outfits suitable both for gym and running consistently increases the wearer comfort.

Freudenberg and Macpi shared their latest innovations with the convention participants presenting their interlinings and pressing solutions with the aim of supporting clothing companies in managing the complexity of manufacturing fashion.


Freudenberg shared the booth with VEIT.

The marketplace was a great opportunity to offer an interesting insight into how Freudenberg and VEIT are dealing with the current mega trends and their influence on the fashion industry. Visitors of the booth could experience the softness of comfortemp® fiberball padding combined with the elasticity of the polyurethane downbag. A brand new Freudenberg innovation that represents a genuine alternative to down and meets the most challenging demands of the today’s conscious consumer.

VEIT, specialists in providing innovative solutions for garment finishing, invited the attendees to discover the latest trends in fusing machines and ironing technology.

One of the highlights was the VEIT Fusing Machine AX 450. Freudenberg and VEIT booth visitors could also directly carry out technical application tests on the spot combining Freudenberg innovative interlining solutions and VEIT`s most recent pressing technology.




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