IACDE Germany: Advantage through knowledge!

No matter where you are! You will still learn with us.

IACDE latest virtual Workshops have featured 3 panel presentations about "made-to-measure & digitalization", including a Q&A round. Our Technology Partners ASSYST, GERBER & LECTRA showed us their digital innovations. Digitalization in made-to-measure is improving efficiency and customer experiences. 50 members of IACDE Germany have gained valuable insights about 2D/3D integration and the numerous benefits of digitalization.

On July, 14th, a virtual round table discussion for 3D users about the latest lifelike 3D simulations and the according data processing was also an IACDE workshop winner! Our pattern makers and technical designers have happily arrived and deeply dived into the digital era. All in all a data-fueled focus on developing the creativity and capabilities of our software partners is what  generate a huge value.











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