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IACDE International kicked off its 2018 World Convention

IACDE International kicked off its 2018 World Convention Thursday, April 26 in Porto, Portugal with the election of the new IACDE EXECOM Board 2018-2020. 140 IACDE members from 12 countries, partner companies, friends and guests were welcomed to an opening cocktail reception and dinner at the Sheraton Bar before getting down to business the following 2 days.

On behalf of the association management, Secretary General Silvia Schöning along with former president Roland Schuler and designated president Lodovico Zandegù invited all attendees and provided an inspiring convention briefing including motivational Key-note speeches, two company visits as well as substantial workshops on the Innovation Marketplace.

Treasurer Benoit Cugnet provided an update on the financial side of the association and shared the 2018/2019 goals and organizational priorities. The new members of the EXECOM were introduced and former delegates were discharged.

During the convention 2018, attendees were educated on the importance of effective and sustainable ways of including digitalization and innovation in their work process. CEO and founder of Triple Tree solutions Azfar Hasan along with General Manager Deniz Thiede were sharing their new solutions on ERP Enterprise-Resource-Planning Systems, focusing on the importance of digitalization also in the creative hubs of the apparel industry.

Highlights of the convention included the exceptional key-note speech of Christoph Burkhardt, CEO of the Burkhardt group, San Francisco. The awarded innovation expert and futurist delivered a sparkling firework of thoughts, ideas and correlations about digitalization and innovation.

Furthermore, 2 factory visits on Friday and Saturday morning: Mr. Rui Meireles from Crialme and Mr. Nuno Pinto from P&R Texteis did a fantastic job. They organized excellent guided tours through their production and provided deep insights in their innovative centers. P&R especially invited the entire workforce in the company on a Saturday morning.

The whole convention was crowned by a guided port wine tasting and the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening on the winery Real Companhia Velha.

“Our members and partner companies together with our key-note speakers truly drive our energy,” says Silvia Schöning.” A huge thank you to all! This was one of our best conventions ever and we’re honored to have accomplished also this task.”

Speeches, presentations and the video will follow soon in the login-area.

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