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Productlaunch comfortemp®


HO 18X Serie


The new comfortemp® soft HO 18X series from Freudenberg consists of light weight and voluminous nonwoven thermal insulation materials. Very soft to the touch with high performances on finished garment. These products offer an excellent thermal conductivity and high breathability for a superior wearing comfort. Ideal for high fashion and casual wear and sportswear applications.


CXI 100


CXI 100 is the new product in the comfortemp® pcm family from Freudenberg.
This active thermoregulating article was created to offer a strong cool effect on the touch combined to a high elasticity for a superior wearing comfort.
Like all comfortemp® pcm products, the CXI 100 helps stay cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold. The CXI 100 offers a perfect breathability and increases significantly the moisture management.
The CXI 100 thermoregulating layer can be used close to a wadding or simply added into the jacket construction to bring additional functionalities to the garment.
The CXI 100 is perfectly adapted to active, outdoor and sportswear applications.

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