Stitch-free assembling by Macpi

In less than 20 years MACPI has revolutionized the apparel industry developing and implementing the “stitch-free” assembling, commonly knows as “bonding technology”. The application allows to joint materials of various kind, in order to modify the aesthetics, structure and functionality. There are many achievable combinations, due to the various available arrangements such PU adhesive, filter-breathable or dotted adhesive capable not to spoil or to alter the fabric physics features. New style concepts may be created, depending on the combinations achieved by transferring to the garment itself different technical or aesthetical qualities. The construction of the garment itself and the making process can be innovative, as in the case of bonded inside-linings, reducing the lead times and improving the fitting.

This technology is constantly growing and allows a wide range of endless solutions able to meet the most demanding needs for stitch-free applications on garments and footwear as well technical use as medical or military outfits.

This is also possible thanks to a dedicated R&D team constantly interfacing with major Brands worldwide in order to anticipate trends and/or customize solutions. A complete line of versatile and performing machines, along with a deep knowledge of raw materials and adhesives grant to a potential end-user to obtain a complete know-how about the applications.

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