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Summary of first Nordic chapter meeting

It was little over a week ago we had the first meeting of the IACDE Nordic Chapter in Stockholm. I was glad to see that we were able to arrange a day filled with speeches for more than 60 people in the small classroom at Hagagatan.

During the day we did hear speeches from Joachim Hensch (Hugo Boss) about the history of IACDE and what changes to the organization, IACDEs Young talents have suggested to be able to be tter meet the new generation of patternmakers.
Roland Schuler (Peek & Cloppenburg) told us about how the German chapter has been able to give feedback to patternmaker Schools and Universities on what they need to improve to meet the expectations and needs of the German clothing companies.

Robert Olsson, Åsa Hegardt and Michael Lock (ACG Nyström and Gerber) talked about Yuniques PLM solution. Ed Gribbin (Alvanon) talked about the importance of inno-vations.
The quote that stuck in my mind after the day was ”if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got” but in the changing world we live in we “will actually keep getting less and less”. I believe that this is describing one of the parts to why IACDE is important for us. If we keep working as we have always done and if we don’t challenge and renew the way we are thinking, the product we deliver might end up being outdated. However if we through IACDE can make sure that as members, we get to know and we share new innovative ideas and ways of working, then we can inspire each other to be innovative and see new possibilities within our work field in the textile industry.
It was clear that during the coffee breaks and the open discussion there were already thoughts and ideas about what you would be able to benefit from being a member in IACDE Nordic Chapter. We would like to get to know what you expect from IACDE Nordic Chapter as a member and what ideas for meeting themes you have. Therefore we will send out a survey in one or two weeks’ time to the ones that have already signed up for membership.

What’s the agenda for 2014?
13th of February: IACDE Nordic Chapter has its statutory meeting.
April: IACDE Nordic Chapter has a meeting Friday afternoon til Saturday about 3D patternmaking. This will most probably be held in Gothenburg or Borås. We will try to get back with dates mid-January.
4th to 6th of May: IACDE International meeting in Heidelberg, theme is ”Collaboration and Co-Creation: Pattern Design in the Age of Virtual Media”
October: IACDE Nordic Chapter has meeting on a Saturday. Theme has not been decided yet.

Changes in the membership fees for Industrial assosciate members:
We have made some changes in regards to the membership fees for our Industrial associated members. See attached documents and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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IACDE Nordic Chapter
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Summary of first Nordic Chapter meeting

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