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global networking, knowledge exchange and innovation

international association of clothing designers and executives

112 years of excellence

the premier organization in the fashion industry

The IACDE, founded in 1910 by American and Italian Patternmakers, is today the premier organization in the Fashion Industry where seasoned industry professionals and executives, as well as young and upcoming talent, are united into a single organization. The goal of membership in the IACDE is to expand one’s professional network, and to exchange thoughts, ideas, and methods, to advance the industry as a whole.

Local chapters organize workshops, round tables, master classes, excursions, and factory visits on a bi-annual basis.

The IACDE is a non-profit organization – all members of the local Chapter Boards engage without any financial incentive, all just for the benefit of experienced professionals and young talents alike in the wider fashion industry and supply chain.

strong cooperation

Our Partners

World-renown suppliers of the apparel industry and textile technology companies are supporting IACDE.

Partnerships are essential to what many of us call “The Club”. A mutually beneficial IACDE partnership, today more than ever before, offers synergies, growing business and new formats of knowledge and technology transfer.

There are many ways you can become a sponsor – you can sponsor a specific event, sponsor a specific chapter, or become a permanent international sponsor on our community platform. View the page below to visit our special sponsorship page, where you can find all the information about becoming an IACDE Sponsor!

global leadership

iacde International convention

The IACDE organizes a high-profile international convention every year in different cities around the world, where the best speakers of the world’s most renowned companies give their vision on the future of the industry, and through hands-on workshops, seminars, or demonstrations, share their knowledge with our members. The IACDE is unique in that sense and offers as the only organization in the world the necessary infrastructure and leadership to accomplish this.

Our latest International Convention took place in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of September 2022 and revolved around how to merge bespoke tailoring with the digital world.

in good company

be among the best

Today, IACDE is made up of 7 international “chapters”, with each one operating in different countries or regions and members come from the wider apparel industry; Creative Designers, Technical Designers, Product Engineers, Product Developers, Merchandisers, Technicians, Executives from the Trim- and Supply Chain Industry, Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders, Software Suppliers, Programmers, Educative Leaders, Students, Consultants, and Manufacturers.

Members are professionals working at renowned companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Hickey Freeman, Samuelsohn, Yves Saint Laurent, Freudenberg, Kufner, Polo Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, Gerber Technology, Lectra, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pal Zileri, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Chargeurs PCC, Acne, ARKET, Gant, H&M, and Weekday with this list growing larger every day.

Leading the charge

IAcde 3d summit

The IACDE today is also leading the charge in guiding, educating, discussing, and exchanging knowledge, in terms of the rapidly changing environment the industry faces; that of rapid technological development using 3D Visualization and Simulation, Algorithms, A.I., Machine Learning, and Industry 4.0.

We host a bi-annual, online-only 3D summit, open to members and non-members alike, sponsored by technology providers such as, but not limited to, Browzwear, Alvanon and Adobe. Our aim is to create a platform and forum where people can connect, network, innovate and share knowledge on relevant 3D topics.

Our goal is to educate and upskill ourselves and our colleagues on 3D fit and 3D workmanship to prepare us for the future of Virtual Fittings where we are replacing physical garments with digital garments up until the production stage, as well as the future where digital clothing may be sold in the metaverse, or fashion advertisements will be mostly digital, with 3D photorealism taking root.

The 3D Summit takes place on a Friday in April and in October. It is a half day filled with online round table discussions and speeches on a 3D topic and a specific theme. To attend the full event the participants need to complete the 3D assignment in the designated theme and present their result, knowledge, and findings.

Be a part of the future of the industry

Do you want to be among the best in the industry, to be “in the know” before anyone else is, want to get in on the ground floor as related to new technologies and want to expand your network or your career opportunities? Then join!

Are you an executive, board member, or business owner and want to have access to the best talent pool in the Fashion Industry? Then join, or become a sponsor at one of our events, local chapters, or the international organization!

Or perhaps you are a technology provider, looking for new users to use your software, then by all means, join, sponsor, and participate in our events!

We colloquially call the IACDE “The Club”. We hope to have you join as one of us soon.


“… For my company IACDE today is a valuable and unique pool of outstanding young talents in product development and in technical engineering which we cannot afford to miss….”

Roland Schuler

Director Technical Product Management
Peek & Cloppenburg Group

“… Being in the IACDE has always been an access card to many brains in many countries all over the world….”

Joachim Hensch

CEO, Joachim Hensch Consulting
Former General Manager HUGO BOSS Textile Industries Ltd.

“… MACPI has always believed that gathering innovation, passion and know-how can positively impact the garment industry. The difference is made by IACDE which acts as an “exchange hub” among all association’s members….”

Paolo Cartabbia

Managing Director

“… As a designer I had the good fortune to meet the most influential pattern makers that have gone down in the annals of tailoring history through the IACDE….”

Lodovico Zandegù

Product Engineer Tailored Clothing
Brooks Brothers

“… For me as a student, the IACDE offers great opportunities to get to know the latest developments and to expand my specialist knowledge in the field of cutting technology, 3D developments and much more….”

Verena Benkler

Bachelor of Engineering – Clothing and Textiles
3D Component Manager and Developer
Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Scott Sports SA

“… We are supporting the IACDE because IACDE helps us to better understand the needs of our customers. It´s a powerful global network of technical talents and friends….”

Benoit Cugnet

Former Head of Global Strategic Marketing

“… International, talented participants allow me to learn and pass down knowledge to others in a friendly team setting. Specifically topics interesting to me from a technical aspect, from sartorial tailoring to modern 3D digital pattern design….”

Dragan Udovicic

Technical Designer
Tailored Brands, Inc.

“… This club is a very important platform for technical talents to enlarge their capabilities in pattern design and manufacturing skills and to go on to perform as top experts in the clothing industry….”

Enno Bruss

Area Manager – Pattern Design
Canda International

“… IACDE is an immensely valuable Association. Our North America Chapter have extremely talented members.  We all have deep knowledge and expertise to help grow young talent! With connections to possible internships through networking connections….”

Michelle Reneé Shafran

Senior Technical Designer Menswear
Hudson’s Bay Company

“… IACDE is a very good opportunity, especially for our young technical designers in Japan, to enlarge knowledge and increase business while connecting with a global peer group….”

Keiichi Asano


“… The knowledge sharing within IACDE has been my source of inspiration since joining the organization in 2010. There have always been interesting and innovative learnings at each event. Through the organization I have also met many interesting people across the globe. This is why I am an IACDE spokesperson and why I took part in founding the local chapter in Sweden. I look forward to continue bridging people with knowledge and sharing this with all the young talents of our organization.”

Hans Olsson

Senior 3D Pattern Developer
Calvin Klein Europe

“… I joined IACDE to become part of a unique and international network with others of my peer group and keep up with current trends an innovation in construction and product development. My membership has enabled me to gain valuable 3D Technology experience, too by taking a leading role in our 3D User Meetings…”

Jana Friedrich

Digital Showroom Content Manager