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back to the 90’s – collaborators

Find out more about the exciting lot of people making this event possible!

Dita Varna Yoshimura

3D Apparel Designer, Swatchbook

I’m a 3D Apparel Content Creator, experienced in creating high quality detailed true-to-life 3D visualizations of fashion items. I like volunteering my skill for good initiatives, so I am happy I can contribute to this event as a collaborator. It’s an inspiring event which offers networking and upskilling opportunities for everyone from around the world. Every year the themes are very interesting and I think participating in the IACDE 3D Summit is a great way for all of us 3D fashion enthusiasts to get together, be creative and exchange our thoughts and experiences.

As a collaborator Dita is creating digital accessories, checking pattern/material data in CLO, helping with setting up files in CLO, hosting CLO workshop, hosting CLO breakout room sessions.

Dita Varna Yoshimura
Amber Isaac

Amber Isaac

Founder, Tailorex

“I founded Tailorex in 2021 out of an organic need to empower the apparel industry toward a more sustainable future. With a career in fashion, immersed in technical design and patternmaking, my talent for great fit exploded through digital product. I didn’t just validate the common assumption that digital fashion reduced time and resources but established a new standard of excellence which is downright enviable, receiving Bulk approvals on 1st fit samples, season over season. I have taken these wins and used them to build teams to do the same. My vision is that success is the result of a passion for one’s craft plus creativity to find solutions to everyday problems, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. It is my pleasure to partner with IACDE to further the reach of digital fashion and encourage the next generation to wonder what is possible. “

As a collaborator Amber is creating blender environments, hosting CLO workshops, and giving a tutorial on utilizing generative AI to elevate final renderings.

Roz McNaulty

CLO 3D Designer, Consultant and Online Course Teacher

I am a 3D Apparel teacher and 3D Consultant for Apparel. ‘Basics in CLO 3D’ is on my online school at I also advise clients in 3D apparel catalogue assets and plans for 3D apparel showrooms. My true passion is scanned 3D garments for AR Showrooms and my VR Museum.

I wanted to be part of this year’s IACDE 3D Summit because of my interest in recreating historical fashion in 3D, and the ’90’s fashion! It’s great to be part of the team making this happen.

As a collaborator Roz has created a cape and a jumpsuit pattern of André Leon Talley in Jean Paul Gaultier. She hopes everyone enjoys recreating such a dramatic garment that was made for a very interesting man. Ever since she saw the photo of the outfit she has wanted to recreate it in 3D.

Roz McNaulty
Dorelle McPherson

Dorelle McPherson

Product Marketing Manager, Browzwear

I’ve been a pattern maker/technical designer for over 25 years and when the opportunity came to collaborate with the team for the IACDE summit, I was excited. It’s amazing to see people in my profession come together and support one another in adapting 3D for fashion, which is now become a staple in the fashion creation process. As more members join and more participants become stronger in the 3D journey it is my pleasure to collaborate and support such an event. I think the IACDE team offers members and event goers something special by showcasing, combined talents that can support new and seasoned 3D Fashion professionals.

As a collaborator I will be working with the Browzwear team and I’ll be part of supporting four workshops featuring the 90s themes. In the end, I will also host the final breakout room. So far I’ve created six patterns for minimalist theme and slip dress themes. I hope to contribute more and look forward to a great summit.

Marie Bastian

Chief Executive Officer, WORLD OF MESH

I am the founder of WORLD OF MESH – a German-based 3D fashion service provider supporting the global apparel industry towards an environmentally sustainable future through 3D design.

For more than a decade as a 3D design expert, I have worked for fashion brands, such as s.Oliver, J.JS Lee to global sportswear brands, such as Adidas and Speedo integrating fashion with technology. I rely on my experience and intuition to identify new ways in which I can push the boundaries of 3D apparel. I’m eager for consumers to experience new ways of interacting with fashion, and I love creating products that have a positive impact on the environment and businesses.

In 2022, I created and now host the “Digital Fashion Innovator Series,” a live broadcast showcasing intriguing conversations with fashion leaders, creators, technologists, pattern makers, developers, artists and virtual fashion enthusiasts. I also launched the MESH OWNERS CLUB community, a creative space at the intersection of the physical and virtual world to ignite innovative 3D design exploration.

Collaboration is key for our fashion industry to progress into the digital realm, and this is why I have been a long-term supporter for the IACDE 3D Summit. Watching this collaborative space thrive from its early days is truly rewarding. It brings great joy to witness the evolution of this collaborative space, where our digital fashion community can connect, share knowledge, and collectively foster growth.

As a collaborator I am hosting CLO 3D workshops and have been hosting CLO breakout room sessions for the IACDE 3D Summit.

Marie Bastian

back to the 90’s – sponsoring collaborators

Find out more about the exciting lot of people at our sponsors who are also making this event possible!

Renate Eder

Renate Eder

Chief Commercial Officer, Vizoo

As a sponsor and collaborator Vizoo is providing high-quality digital fabric twins for the participants of the 3D summit. Materials, bringing the 3D Designs to life.

The IACDE 3D summit is a great platform for individuals as well as companies to exchange their expertise in 3D and fashion. Also, the IACDE provides hands on learning opportunities which helps everyone to keep up with new developments.

Osnat Lidor

VP of Marketing, Browzwear

At the upcoming IACDE Summit, we’re excited to collaborate on workshops that fuse design and technology, all while adding a touch of nostalgia by incorporating 90’s related designs. Together, we’ll dive into various end-to-end Design workflows, explore the innovative Substance Designer x Browzwear integration, push the boundaries of creativity, and redefine the future of garment creation with 3D.

We’re thrilled to take part in the IACDE 3D Summit as it embodies the forefront of technological evolution in garment creation. We believe that supporting events like this is not just an investment in the industry’s future, but a commitment to shaping it.

Osnat Lidor
Mainda Kiwelu

Mainda Kiwelu

Senior Product Manager, Metail

We are collaborating with IACDE to support designers in using digital tools to enhance their craft and their skills. Our team is a talented team of innovators offering cutting-edge ways to visualize humans and garments for both fashion product development and for e-commerce. We are offering free access to our virtual photography product EcoShot so that designers can show off their 90s designs on different body shapes and looks of models. They can be playful and communicate their styles in multiple ways, combining these model images with different environments to take us down memory lane!

Giorgio marcarino

Chief Commercial Officer Worldwide, Chargeurs PCC

Chargeurs PCC and IACDE are working hand in hand on this 3D digital summit by involving Chargeurs PCC’s specialists by showing how it is possible to revolutionize product development establishing an efficient, scalable, and holistic end-to-end workflow for materials, trims, and accessories based on the highest standards available. 3D digital design of interlinings as well as their draping, helps brands design and sample clothing more efficiently and with less waste. Through this journey together, we will be showing the step by step creation of a power suit through all the inner components that give its structure. The education happening during the different workshops will enable to create, hands on, the 3D assignments supported by 3D software systems. 

With IACDE 3D Summits statement “Don’t wait for 3D to happen. #Make3DHappen” Chargeurs PCC partnership promotes the marvels of 3D technology in fashion passing on the know-how and tools to members, pattern-makers and technical developers for them to become masters at it, towards a true tech revolution. Together with IACDE, it is our duty to lead, educate and share how to get the maximum out of the many existing technologies.

As Diamond Sponsor, Chargeurs PCC will be hosting live webinars on 3D garment creation, focusing on all the different digital workflows necessary towards building a power suit and on the positive impact that 3D also has on reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Giorgio Marcarino