IACDE is a non-profit and exclusive association. All members of the local Chapter boards engage without any financial incentive – all just for the benefit of experienced Professionals and Young Talents of the Tailoring Industry!

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World-renown suppliers of the apparel industry are supporting IACDE. Among them Freudenberg, Macpi, Thokai Thermo, Peek & Cloppenburg, Veit group, Alvanon, Assyst, Gerber Technology, Kufner, Lectra, Chargeurs PCC, BWF Tec and many others.

Partnerships are essential to what many of us call “the club”. A mutually beneficial IACDE partnership, today more than even before, offers synergies, growing business and new formats of knowledge and technology transfer. We may sometimes be going through a tough time, but together we will withstand the storm.

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IACDE means to me: A heritage of apparel professional members who demonstrated tremendous inspiration and knowledge throughout the 110 years.

International, talented participants allow me to learn and pass down knowledge to others in a friendly team setting. Specifically topics interesting to me from a technical aspect, from sartorial tailoring to modern 3D digital pattern design.


Dragan Udovicic, Technical Designer
Tailored Brands, Inc.


Freudenberg – Global Interlinings
Your partner for successful solutions

Five headquarters, 16 production locations, more than 60 sales branches: We are always at hand when our customers are planning or producing their collections. Everywhere. Worldwide.

A perfect fit and comfortable wear are crucial selling points for apparel today. But high-quality clothing has to serve many more purposes. By means of nonwoven, woven and weft materials, interlinings and thermal insulation from Freudenberg always provide the best possible support for any garment.

Freudenberg offers the most comprehensive range of interlining solutions: such as lightweight and transparent interlinings for womenswear, elastic and resilient interlinings for menswear, stable and washable interlinings for durable shirt applications, downy wadding for outer wear, water-soluble interlinings for delicate embroidery and prefabricated products for tapes and chest pieces.

Sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources are essential aspects of all our activities. Minimizing the footprint. Maximizing the handprint. Freudenberg’s concept for greater sustainability is firmly anchored in the technology company’s values. Among their innovative solutions for the textile industry, Freudenberg has been offering a wide range of interlinings and waddings made of up to 100% recycled plastic bottles. Freudenberg’s latest invention for the fashion industry, comfortemp® TencelTM padding, goes one step further: it is fully biodegradable, marking a considerable contribution towards greater sustainability.


MACPI BONDING DIVISION offers a wide range of endless solution able to meet the more sophisticated request on stitch-free applications for the garment and accessory industries as well in footwear, automotive, military and medical sector. A dedicated R&D Team is constantly interfacing with the major worldwide garment Brands in order to anticipate and satisfy the most demanding needs.

A complete line of versatile and flexible solutions and machines linked to a deep knowledge of raw materials and adhesives assure to a potential end-user to get a total know-how regarding this growing and innovative technology. Especially nowadays, the bonding application is not simply related to “buy the right machine” but to a constant synergy involving the complete supply chain as fabrics, trimmings, adhesives as well key roles as designers, product development and pattern makers.

Stitch-free construction may bring several advantages as the possibility to use any kind of fabrics

and to reduce the seam thickness increasing the wearing comfort as well, for example, the removal of stitches on medical products as braces.

A new way of thinking a “garment” construction not only addressed to sportswear and technical wear but open to the classic and formal wear with a quicker method to assemble a jacket through a welding construction.

VEIT - Clean room air from viruses and bacteria

The new Veit AirCleaner AC 20 cleans your air with proven UVC technology. The air cleaner AC 20 enables you to disinfect air by ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) and offers you the possibility to create a physiologically valuable room climate.

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The VEIT Group with its head office in Landsberg, Germany, is worldwide the leading manufacturer of ironing equipment, fusing machines, pressing machines as well as refinishing equipment for garments.

Pressing for Excellence For more than 60 years, VEIT Group products have been models of outstanding quality and maximum efficiency which is not least reflected in the new products for cleaning, germ and virus protection.