IACDE 3D Summit 8th April 2022


All IACDE members, external Patternmakers and Technical Developers, join us on 8th of April 2022!


Kimono for a woman,
© Victoria and Albert Museum

The next summit will be dedicated to Kimono and in order to attend you will need to make your version of this garment in 3D. At the event you will meet a mix of beginners, intermediate and expert users and in the breakout rooms you can share your learnings from the assignment.

We have invited Anna Jackson, the curator of the V&A exhibition Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk and she will give us a lecture on the history of kimono and how the kimono cut influenced fashion in the West.
Next to this we will have another lecture on how you transform a regular block to a style with kimono cut.

How would you like to upskill in 3D this spring?
Are you new to 3D and need to practice your stitching and styling skills? We have a couple of different garment patterns available to help you get started.

Do you want to get creative with your own blocks and make a Kimono inspired style? SHIMA SEIKI have given us a lot of beautiful fabric textures created in their APEXFiz™ Design Software. They are suitable for tops, dresses, and coats. This gives you the possibility to incorporate 3D fit into the project and we would love to hear about your learnings.

If you aspire to become a 3D artist, your challenge could be creating an animation or enhancing your garment presentation in other programs such as Blender and Adobe Substance 3D. We would definitely be interested in hearing more about this workflow at the event.


The following softwares will be supported at the event:


We will provide following assets for the assignment:

  • Ready patterns for both Women size 38 and Men size 50 (European Sizes).
  • Alvanon Body Platform avatar Women size 38 and Men size 50.
  • Fabric material, embroideries and prints for each software.

Registration for this event will open mid-January, follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date IACDE 3D Summit

This event will be free of charge for IACDE members and non-members who are using one of the softwares sponsoring this event.
As a non-member you can only sign up and participate at the event when completing the 3D assignment.
If you have any questions about the summit you are welcome to contact us at IACDE3DSummit@iacde.net.

Follow us on LinkedIn, IACDE 3D Summit and become a member of the IACDE 3D Summit Forum
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

IACDE 3D Summit

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IACDE is an immensely valuable Association. Our North America Chapter have extremely talented members.  We all have deep knowledge and expertise to help grow young talent! With connections to possible internships through networking connections.

International workshops offer more opportunities to enhance all members knowledge.


Michelle Reneé Shafran, Technical Designer/Product Engineer
HBC Senior Menswear