About our summits

About IACDE 3D Summit

The IACDE 3D Summit is a bi-annual event for Patternmakers and Technical Developers that are passionate about 3D.


Our aim is to create a platform and forum where people can connect, network, innovate and share knowledge on topics like 3D workmanship and 3D fit.

The 3D Summit takes place on a Friday in April and in October. It is a half day filled with online round table discussions and speeches on a 3D topic and theme. To attend the full event the participants, need to complete a 3D assignment and present their result, knowledge, and findings.

For IACDE members this event is free of charge, non-members will join at a cost.

We created the event since there was a gap when it came to the 3D promotion and education for Patternmakers and Technical Developers. We could see that there was a lot happening around the 3D topic for Design, Merch and E-com and we felt that tech people were often not really included. We could not find any events that specifically gathered people in our profession and with this event we are aiming to fill that void.

We want to educate and upskill ourselves and our colleagues on 3D fit and 3D workmanship to prepare us for the future of Virtual Fittings where we are replacing physical garments with 3D renders up until the production stage.


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"...Being in the IACDE has always been an access card to many brains in many countries all over the world."

Joachim Hensch, former General Manager
Hugo Boss Textile Industries Ltd., Consultant