IACDE 3D Summit 29th Oct 2021

We are kicking off our next online IACDE 3D Summit with the theme DENIM Workflow- from Modeling to Textures!

All IACDE members, external Patternmakers and Technical Developers, join us at 29th Oct 2021!


For many professionals pretty new in the 3D world the workflow between various 3D systems is sometimes a bit tricky to learn by yourself.

We wanted to do something about this and start a discussion with the 3D companies to make it easier for the users and to clarify the process, but also to help those companies to understand the need of the users. We have therefore teamed up with Ermina Avdisha, 3D Tech Research Manager/ 3D Apparel Technology Expert working for LTCC and Pierre Maheut and Damien Climent from Adobe Substance 3D. Pierre and Damien together with Ermina, will demonstrate a workflow which they find fitting in order to optimize this process in a way which will be understandable for all users.

Furthermore, for users already working in 3D, you can sign up for the additional Break out room sessions practising your denim skills in your own software!
In order to participate each user will attend with their own completed assignment and share in one of the break-out rooms discussing 3D workmanship, tips and tricks with each other.
The following softwares will be represented in each Break-out room:


We will provide following assets for the assignment:

  • Ready denim patterns for both Women size 38 and Men size 50 (European Sizes).
  • Alvanon Body Platform avatar Women size 38 and Men size 50.
  • Fabric material files for each software.
  • Texture files provided by Adobe Substance.

Do you want to learn more about this and skill-up in 3D? Then you are definitely in the right place!

This event will be free of charge to IACDE members and non-members who are using one of the softwares sponsoring this event.
As a non-member you can only sign up if you are also participating in the 3D assignment.
If you have any questions about the event you are welcome to contact us at IACDE3DSummit@iacde.net.


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Looking forward seeing you there

IACDE 3D Summit Team

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