North America Chapter

North America Chapter

Summary of IACDE North America Chapter

IACDE North America Chapter

Welcome to the North American Chapter of the IACDE, the International Association of Fashion Designers and Executives! IACDE was founded in 1910 in the Fashion District of New York and formerly known as “the Fashion Designers Association”. The IACDE annual convention is mainly organized in North America with the support of the New York Chapter. In 2010, we celebrated IACDE’s 100th anniversary in Toronto, Canada. The first 100 years of IACDE's international headquarters (from 1910 to 2010) were located in New York City. In 2010 they moved to Europe.

Due to the rapid growth in the number of members in the first half century (1910 to 1960), it created many local IACDE chapters in Canada and the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Rochester, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Montreal and Toronto. Since 1966, IACDE NY Chapter, today’s IACDE North America Chapter, is operated under the International Association of Fashion Designers and Executives. Through IACDE, many well-known apparel industry leaders have been contacted and honored:

Ralph Lauren (1988), Martin Greenfield (1989), Alan Flosser (1999), Claudio Del Vecchio (2003), Joseph Abboud (2004) and many others! In the 20th century, IACDE was mainly a tailor-made executive committee for men, but today, IACDE is made up of global members with extensive experience in the fashion industry. We are committed to excellence and open the door to anyone in the global fashion and apparel industry. Our existing members have rich experience and talents and can provide new young members with concepts from all aspects of the apparel industry to finished products.

Our IACDE North America Chapter includes the following changes in members to form a global network of fashion industry leaders:

  • Creative Designers all categories ( DAG, My Suit, Cambridge Group)
  • Technical Designers & Product Engineers (Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman, Tailored Brands, HBC Saks Fifth Avenue Hudson Bay and J.Crew)
  • Pattern Makers ( Pattern Service – A. Rubino, Fechheimer Brothers Company)
  • Product developers & Merchandisers ( Saint Laurent)
  • Trims Suppliers, Supply Chain Executives (Freudenberg, Kufner, Continental Collection LLC, Trim Logic )
  • Entrepreneurs & Executives (Joseph Abboud)
  • Technology (Partnering with Gerber Technology & GT Innovation Center NYC)
  • Educational leaders, FIT, and Parsons
  • Manufacturers & Industry members ( Joseph Abboud, Hickey Freeman & Samuelson )

The North American Chapter provides the following services and benefits:

  • Share our talents and exchange industry knowledge
  • Provide internship opportunities and professional networking opportunities
  • Hold seminars and workshops (from tailoring to sustainable 3D sampling) to develop new skills
  • Form alliances with educational institutions and provide lectures on demand
  • Assist the project according to the requirements of members or students
  • We actively participate in and support the IACDE Annual Conference
  • Besides, we provide seminars to develop new skills.

We look forward to infiltrating newer digital technologies, especially in this pandemic era.

We are very happy to provide virtual communications with our sustainable decoration suppliers, our domestic manufacturers, and our partners in the Gerber Technology Innovation Center in New York and its 3D micro factory.

We are honored to establish a trade show alliance with Premiere Vision and New York Fashion Week, WWD and MR Magazine. We are a diverse group and are proud of our commitment to social justice. We are your lifeline to enter the fashion and apparel industry.

Join us today!

For more information about membership, please contact Michelle Renee Shafran, Treasurer/International Representative of IACDE North America Chapter.

 MichelleRenee Shafran

Contact for membership

MichelleRenee Shafran
General Secretary

Board of IACDE North America Chapter

 Jeffery Diduch

Jeffery Diduch

Hickey Freeman

 Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh
Vice President

 Jennifer Del Vino

Jennifer Del Vino
NA Chapter Secretary

 Dragan Udovicic

Dragan Udovicic
Program Director

Tailored Brands

 MichelleRenee Shafran

MichelleRenee Shafran
Treasurer/International Representative

Freelancing at this time


IACDE is an immensely valuable Association. Our North America Chapter have extremely talented members.  We all have deep knowledge and expertise to help grow young talent! With connections to possible internships through networking connections.

International workshops offer more opportunities to enhance all members knowledge.


Michelle Reneé Shafran, Technical Designer/Product Engineer
HBC Senior Menswear