Where we come from

You can never learn enough to be a full expert in our profession.

IACDE: From the first impression...

It all started with basic findings: You can never learn enough to be a full expert in our profession. So did the first tailors in the beginning of the 20th century in New York. These times in New York you had to have a strong desire to survive.

Then there was this courageous group of Italian and American pattern designers who decided to share thoughts, insights and working methods together to raise their level of expertise and advance their entire profession. In 1910 they founded the organization, preceding today’s IACDE in Madison Square Garden.

Looking back into history, you will realize that this club was and is mainly defined by people who always drove know-how forward. And the claim to be the best at all times!

Selected outstanding suppliers and experts of the apparel supplying industry have become a crucial part of the IACDE over the last decades.

historical fashion
historical fashion

...to the second glance

IACDE is a unique pool of outstanding talent in pattern construction: Important for connecting with suppliers and a great opportunity to connect with each other.

Beyond pure professionalism, IACDE has become a circle of friends, peers and inspirators.

In the course of the last years, the former men’s tailoring club entered the market of mass production as well as made-to-measure, lately increasingly outerwear, sportswear and ladieswear.

The new era of CAD, 3D simulation of fabrics and human bodies, the globalization of sourcing, production, production on demand and micro factories changed the job description of the designers again, giving it a much more technical and IT addicted role.

In the course of the globalization of our world, the IACDE also became more global.

We have established chapters all over the world, including New York, Southern USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Benelux (currently being established).

"… This club is a very important platform for technical talents to enlarge their capabilities in pattern design and manufacturing skills and to go on to perform as top experts in the clothing industry."

Enno Bruss
Canda international