Who we are

What makes IACDE unique

No one else in the clothing industry is doing what IACDE is doing.

Each IACDE Meeting is providing a practice-to-practice approach combined with energizing conferences. We offer a dynamic constructive peer-to peer networking for anyone working in the clothing industry.

All workshops and events are driven by intensive exchange and a profound knowledge transfer. Stay up-to date on how IACDE is impacting product development from hands-on skills to a digital approach.

IACDE is shaping the future of the apparel industry in an exclusive network of 7 national clubs around the globe. Experts from the world’s leading apparel manufacturers and the supplying industry provide excellent further education. Together we create real know-how for executives, product developers, pattern designers and technical engineers.

Contact us to become a supporting Partner and generate new business opportunities. Contact your local IACDE chapter for becoming an official IACDE member.

"IACDE is a very good opportunity, especially for our young technical designers in Japan, to enlarge knowledge and increase business while connecting with a global peer group."

Keiichi Asano