Who we are

What makes IACDE unique

No one else in the clothing industry is doing what IACDE is doing.

Each IACDE Meeting is providing a practice-to-practice approach combined with energizing conferences. We offer a dynamic constructive peer-to peer networking for anyone working in the clothing industry.

All workshops and events are driven by intensive exchange and a profound knowledge transfer. Stay up-to date on how IACDE is impacting product development from hands-on skills to a digital approach.

IACDE is shaping the future of the apparel industry in an exclusive network of 7 national clubs around the globe. Experts from the world’s leading apparel manufacturers and the supplying industry provide excellent further education. Together we create real know-how for executives, product developers, pattern designers and technical engineers.

Contact us to become a supporting Partner and generate new business opportunities. Contact your local IACDE chapter for becoming an official IACDE member.


IACDE is an immensely valuable Association. Our North America Chapter have extremely talented members.  We all have deep knowledge and expertise to help grow young talent! With connections to possible internships through networking connections.

International workshops offer more opportunities to enhance all members knowledge.


Michelle Reneé Shafran, Technical Designer/Product Engineer
HBC Senior Menswear