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Welcome to the annual December Meeting of IACDE US Southern Chapter 
, Saturday, Dec 5th 2020

Due to the increase in COVID cases we will be unable to meet in person for our IACDE Southern Chapter December meeting.  We still want to “see” all of you, so we are having a virtual meeting using Zoom. For more information, please contact Steve Di Blasi: SDiblasi@lanierclothes.com

Our agenda will be as follows:

Update of the International changes and the impact on our SC – Paul Dubnansky / Steve DiBlasi

Submission of slate of new officers and vote for acceptance;

o            President – Rick Elrod

o            Vice President –  Greg Vessels

o            Treasurer – Paul Dubnansky

o            Secretary – Richard Castellani

o            Good & Welfare –  Open spot

o            Technical liaison – Dr. Chris Cole

o            Sourcing – Armando Mendez

o            Membership Chair – Michael Stark  / Steve DiBlasi


Dr Chris Cole – Rapid Innovation Taskforce – Face masks

Professor Vessels – International Trade for fashion under the Biden Administration

I will be sending the slide presentations in a separate e-mail so you can view them on Saturday, should there be an technical difficulties with the presentation.

This should be an exciting and informative meeting as well as a great time to “see” our fellow members.  Please plan on attending Saturday Morning December 5 at 10 am from the comfort of your home. 

Zoom recording available NOW!