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IACDE International virtual event
, Tuesday, 24th - Monday, Dec 31st 2035

IACDE Virtual convention

In order to keep the spirit of the International convention alive and to further share knowledge with you, we have formed a task force of IT and Web professionals and have developed a new valuable digital event:

A brand new 2,5 h) virtual scenario 2020 to celebrate IACDE’s 110th anniversary and designed to cover as many time zones as possible: Get inspired by our 3 exciting keynote speakers delivering premium quality virtual presentations!

Save the date

When: Friday 24th April from 14H00 to 16H30(+) (European Central Time) and 8:00 to 10:30 am (New York Time). To all members of IACDE Japan: We will record the complete session as well as the q&a round and send it at your favorite date and time!

Get all details about the digital program and your login soon in the next Newsletter. IACDE is more than happy to invite all members, sponsors and industry professionals outside IACDE to join this exciting digital event, first to the IACDE!

Get a sneak preview about our excellent keynote speakers.

Key-note speakers 2020

Lola Güldenberg
Trend researcher in consumer goods

Companies make decisions for the next two, five or twenty years. This requires security, foresight and an understanding of how people, markets, trends and technologies react to each other.

Lola Güldenberg visualizes these trends, makes them understandable and tangible. In this way, companies can anticipate some developments more easily and quickly and secure a decisive competitive advantage. She is one of the most interesting trend researchers in Germany. Her lectures are inspiring, surprising and insightful at the same time. They open up completely new perspectives when looking at familiar fields. Lola Güldenberg benefits from her almost twenty years of experience as an innovation developer in industry and as a consultant to mobility and consumer goods companies, as well as an entrepreneur. She was the first to graduate from university in the 1990s as a "hacker" and since then has never stopped questioning technologies and social phenomena and putting them into new contexts.

Martin Seidenberg
ITA Institute of Textile Technologies
RWTH Aachen University

Martin Seidenberg earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering as well as a master’s degree in plastics and textile engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate at the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University. There, Mr. Seidenberg is a member of the department for additive and joining technologies, which covers technologies for ready-made garments and smart textiles. His doctoral studies center around the laser welding of functional layers, e.g. conductive materials, to textile surfaces. The underlying motivation is to develop and establish new, efficient production technologies and principles for smart wearables as well as for garments.

David Schmelzeisen
Expert for Digital Capability Center
RWTH Aachen University

David Schmelzeisen loves to find new technical solutions to develop and produce fashion in a sustainable way. He has a proven track record in initializing and managing complex international research projects. He gained his PhD in textile engineering at RWTH Aachen University after his studies in mechanical engineering. During his PhD he was responsible for the development and implementation of the German sourcing platform for smart Textiles (GeniusTex) and a new dynamic textile material called 4D textiles. Furthermore, he is responsible for technical change projects in the worldwide garment industry as senior technical expert for the Digital Capability Center in Aachen run by McKinsey & Company.