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Workshop Origami Pattern & Lecture Evening dresses. Nordic Chapter in Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, Nov 12th 2021

Workshop Origami Pattern & Lecture Evening dresses 

This event will not be helt online.

We have the honour of introducing two amazing women in the Haute Couture sector of origami and evening dresses for the Nordic Chapters coming event 12 th Nov!
Workshop Origami Pattern – Bea Szenfeld
With scissors, tape, string and thousands of sheets of paper, Bea Szenfeld has created handmade creations that
have been worn by artists such as Lady Gaga, Björk and Laleh.
In this creative paperworkshop the participants will learn how to make shapes of paper that look beautiful and complex but are surprisingly simple to make.
We hope that this workshop will help you see that paper is far more than just a surface.
Lecture Evening Dresses – Åsa Hedenström
Head Patternmaker and Technical designer at the House of Lars Wallin since 1995 and Nordic Chapter IACDE member.
During these years she has made the patterns for and shaped several spectacular couture-garments, many of them
worn by royalties, artists, actors, and other celebrities.
All patterns are made by hand and each piece of clothing is unique.
Åsa will guide us through the process of making couture-dresses and other creations and to give us an inside view of one of the few Couture-Houses in Sweden.

Photographer Bea: Ea Czyz
Photographer Lars Wallin: Calle Stoltz