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Museum visits and Boro workshop
Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, 18th - Saturday, Mar 19th 2022

The coming IACDE Nordic spring event will be an exciting two days with two museum visits and a workshop 18-19th March!

Friday the 18th, Museum visit at Nordiska Museet with two guided tours:

The latest big exhibition at Nordiska Museet shows us the golden era of Nordic haute couture and how the french dressmakers at Swedens biggest departmentstore NK used to work in the early 20th century.

Saturday the 18th, Speakers and Boro Workshop at Östasiatiska Museet:

Petra Holmberg intendent and curator will speak about Japanese textiles and kimonos.

Jon Johansson Museum teacher will hold a Boro workshop and show different techniques in japanese classic art of mending.

This event will not be held online.