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We proudly present you the IACDE International's 1st 3D-User (online) Meeting in Europe! Hosted by: IACDE Scandinavia, IACDE Germany and IACDE Italy.
to be defined, Friday, Apr 16th 2021

1st IACDE International 3D-User Masterclass

This first IACDE international Masterclass - inspired by IACDE Germany's round table - will be organized as a interdisciplinary project by IACDE Nordic Chapter, IACDE Club Germany and IACDE Italia!

A true inspiring (online) Masterclass with the possibility to dive deep into the 3D world. We'll create working space for everyone by splitting the group in smaller breakup rooms. Enjoy a brief Keynote followed by an open Q&A session. So come ready to ask your questions, present your personal challenges and/or solutions. All important insights and findings will be summarized and provided to all registered participants and the local event planning team.

IACDE members working in 3D are invited to sign up gratis!  If you are an external 3D User and interested in this event, sign up here and write an Email to: info@iacde.net. You must make a small contribution to be able to attend this Masterclass. Sign up by using the doodle list and please write in the comment field in which 3D System you are working! 

More details will follow soon on the website!

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