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Tuesday, 13th Mar 2018

Freudenberg is now bluesign® system partner

Since the end of 2017, Freudenberg has been an official system partner of bluesign®, a global network that aims to systematically reduce the burden on humans and the environment caused by textile industry. Sustainability is deeply rooted in Freudenberg’s corporate principles. Bluesign stands for transparency and cooperation throughout the supply chain and is a renowned network that promotes sustainable business practices in the textile industry. Benoit Cugnet, Head of Global Strategic Marketing at Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel: "Today, consumers of fashion and sports goods alike expect and deserve a fully transparent supply chain to ensure that the garments they buy are truly sustainable. At Freudenberg, sustainability is deeply anchored in our group values and principles. We are not only committed to fulfilling market requirements, we also want to be sustainable ourselves. Our internal standards reflect our philosophy. For example, the use of chemicals is strictly regulated and our certified energy management system follows very high standards. In India and China, for example, we operate locations where we go far beyond the legal requirements in our standards for air monitoring or water processing. bluesign® stands for transparency and cooperation throughout the whole supply chain and is a widely recognized and prestigious indicator that sustainability is being taken seriously. As a reliable and responsible supplier of interlinings and thermal insulation, it was a natural step for us to become a bluesign® system partner. In this way, we support our customers with truly sustainable products and powerful communication tools, right through to point of sale."   The bluesign® system based on its scientific Input Stream Management approach involves the complete value chain from chemical supplier, component manufacturer and brands. It depends on leading manufacturing companies of this industry who carry corporate responsibility in order to serve responsibly produced components for brands and consumer products and therefore reduce the impact on people and the environment. So bluesign welcomed Freudenberg as a bluesign® system partner and set a further milestone to gathering extensive expertise within the bluesign® system.