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Monday, 02nd Jul 2018



Market requirements are constantly changing, but no doubt that sustainability and efficiency remain two very important aspect for any company operating in the apparel industry. To meet garment producers’ needs Freudenberg is committed to constantly work on innovations. The latest canvas family developed by Freudenberg aim indeed to bring together sustainability and efficiency. Based on the long Marelli & Berta tradition, the Freudenberg R&D department has developed in 2018 a new family of canvas, named ECO CANVAS, where ECO has a double meaning: Ecologic and economic. Ecologic because materials are certified OEKO-TEX CLASS 1, without any chemical containing formaldehyde used during the finishing process. A very important requirement to prevent any health risks to factory operators and end consumers. Economic because the sales prices are very attractive and affordable, with a very interesting quality/price ratio. Moreover all styles have EU certificate of origin and are available all around Europe. Freudenberg Eco Canvas are the right choice for mass productions of light and modern jackets. Four weight categories are available: from the light polyester base canvas at 140 gr/m², to a cotton warp shoulder reinforcement at 235 gr/m². Among them, two styles are even washable at 40°C and can be considered also for application requiring stressful production processes or care.