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Thursday, 06th Aug 2020



MACPI BONDING DIVISION offers a wide range of endless solution able to meet the more sophisticated request on stitch-free applications for the garment and accessory industries as well in footwear, automotive, military and medical sector. A dedicated R&D Team is constantly interfacing with the major worldwide garment Brands in order to anticipate and satisfy the most demanding needs.

A complete line of versatile and flexible solutions and machines linked to a deep knowledge of raw materials and adhesives assure to a potential end-user to get a total know-how regarding this growing and innovative technology. Especially nowadays, the bonding application is not simply related to “buy the right machine” but to a constant synergy involving the complete supply chain as fabrics, trimmings, adhesives as well key roles as designers, product development and pattern makers.

Stitch-free construction may bring several advantages as the possibility to use any kind of fabrics

and to reduce the seam thickness increasing the wearing comfort as well, for example, the removal of stitches on medical products as braces.

A new way of thinking a “garment” construction not only addressed to sportswear and technical wear but open to the classic and formal wear with a quicker method to assemble a jacket through a welding construction.