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Monday, 01st Mar 2021

Freudenberg is extending its product portfolio for the sportswear and outdoor market area

Sustainable, highly elastic and breathable interlinings and tapes for any kind of sportswear.

Freudenberg is extending its product portfolio for the sportswear and outdoor market area

Freudenberg Active Range

The Freudenberg Active Range includes highly elastic outer fabrics that keep their flexibility and breathability even when the interlining is fused. This is ensured by a special technology by which the adhesive is applied to a carrier material in the form of small dots without a basis material.

For outer fabrics on which fusing is not possible, the Active Range sewable interlinings ensure a handfeel that is natural and elastic at the same time and keep the garment in the desired shape.

Furthermore, most of these products consist of at least 70 per cent recycled polyester.

comfortemp® FLEXX

This first adaptive thermal insulation made of a warming and breathable padding with elastic reinforcement elements is a hybrid revolution for insulation: comfortemp® FLEXX combines lightweight voluminous nonwovens with warp knit technology.

When stretched, comfortemp® FLEXX is thin, extremely air-permeable and breathable. Even when the wearer stops moving, the material still fulfills all the requirements of high-performance thermal insulation for sports and outdoor clothing and keeps the wearer warm even when wet.

comfortemp® FLEXX is made with 95% recycled polyester, is extremely durable and compliant with the OEKO-TEX standard.

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