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Monday, 19th Apr 2021

We did it!

We have kicked off the first IACDE International 3D Summit!

We did it!

We did it!

We have kicked off the first IACDE International 3D Summit!

The 3D Summit Team would like to reach out to all International IACDE members, external participants, Sponsors and Collaborators with a big Thank you!

Without your participation and time creating the 3D assignments for all the Break out rooms this event would never have taken place. Thanks also for all the great feedback and cheering along the way!

A special thank you to Sophie-Therese Lupas, STUDIO LUPAS GbR for your excellent presentation “Suit details in CLO3D”  where she teached how to polish a suit simulation, as well as your participation in co-hosting one of the Breakout rooms.

Thanks Bradford Bird, The Fabricant for your last minute jump-in for Kerry Murphy, Founder of The Fabricant. Brad gave us a very interesting insight in how they produce digital fashion for fashion brands, and more excitingly how they're selling digital fashion as NFTs for over two years already.

We would like to share one of the assignments made by R. Jeffery Diduch with the amazing work with the IACDE logo on the buttons and stoppers. Enjoy!

Looking forward seeing you in half a year for the follow up 3D Summit!

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