Legal notice

Article 1 : Name, Mission & Organization

Section 1.1 - Name, Mission Statement, and Other

The name of this association shall be International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives (hereafter the "Association" or "IACDE"). The purpose of the IACDE is to provide its members with a global professional network for the exchange of information and expertise regarding clothing design, manufacturing technology and clothing design management as well as to conduct research and development in design and manufacturing for the apparel industry.

Section 1.2 - Official Language

English shall be considered the official language of the IACDE. The translation of any communications and/or correspondence shall be the sole responsibility of the presidents of the local chapters whose national language may be other than English.

Section 1.3 - Non-Profit Status

The IACDE is established and organized as a not-for-profit corporation under the Federal tax code of the United States of America.

Section 1.4 - Executive Offices

The location of the executive office of the IACDE and the time and location of meetings will be designated by the Executive Committee.

Article 2 - Institutions of The IACDE

Section 2.1 - General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all active members of the International IACDE as further set out in these bylaws. The General Assembly shall nominate, assign and remove the members and officers of the Executive Committee and approve the annual budget of the International IACDE by majority vote of members with voting rights who are in good standing at such meetings as shall be called by the Executive Committee from time to time or at the annual meeting of the General Assembly. The categories of active membership are defined in Article 4.

Section 2.2 - Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to implement and execute the policies of the association as legislated by the General Assembly. Responsibilities include overseeing the organizational and fiscal management of the Association and managing the meetings and conventions of the Association.

The Executive Committee shall initiailly consist of eight (8) members elected by the General Assembly (see Section 2.1 ). The members of the Executive Committee shall be the President, the Representative of Executives, the Treasurer, one (1) At-Large Representative, and four (4) Regional Representatives representing the Local Chapters of North America, Germany, Italy and Japan respectively. By majority vote of the Executive Committee, additional Executive Committee members may be added to represent lACDE Local Chapters from India, China, Canada, and other regions, provided such Local Chapters include at least 20 active designer members. The addition of these members must be ratified by the General Assembly at the next annual meeting or at a special meeting of the General Assembly called by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee members shall have a term of office of two (2) years and shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms of office. Any officer elected by the membership may be removed whenever he/she is in violation of these By-Laws or whenever he/she brings discredit to the Association. Such removal requires a 3/4 vote of the Executive Committee. Also, an Executive Committee member may be removed by a majority vote of the General Assembly at the annual meeting or at a special meeting of the General Assembly.

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"For me as a student, the IACDE offers great opportunities to get to know the latest developments and to expand my specialist knowledge in the field of cutting technology, 3D developments and much more."

Verena Benkler, student of Clothing Production