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Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie einen Überblick über die Veranstaltungen unseres internationalen Verbandes sowie über die lokalen Veranstaltungen unserer nationalen Clubs.

North Amercian Chapter gets "back on track"  -Virtual Seminars in October 2020
Online event, Thursday, Oct 22nd 2020

Discover sustainable innovations in the Apparel Industry 

Freudenberg Innovation Technology 

  • Recyclable products
  • Find solution to minimize waste water treatmen
  • Offsetting carbon emissions or tackling the plastic problem

3DLOOK - personalization in a simplified retail shopping experience.

  • Size & Fit Recommendation
  • Helps consumer to buy best fitting – Helps e-commerce to avoid returns  
  • Mobile Tailor 

Gerber Technology :  Virtual visit to GT- Innovation Center NYC

Rationalize your spending.

Customize your product and buy only what you need on demand

  • Fully integrated micro-factory from design concept to finished product 
  • Detecting your measurement utilizing Mobile Tailor for made-to-measure
  • Utilize pattern Design AccuMark -2D and create virtual samples in AccuMark 3D 
  • Customize your order choose fits & models
  • Custom print direct to fabric utilize Kornit Prints
  • Integrated Cut and Sew and finishing garment in same day