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IACDE Southern chapter sponsored Fashion Show in Athens, GA
Fashion Show, Thursday, Apr 22nd 2021

On April 22nd the IACDE Southern Chapter sponsored the Fashion Design Student Association Spring fashion show at the classic Center in Athens, GA.  The Red & Black (UGA newspaper) covered the event with 2 articles, the first article gives the IACDE a shout out for the sponsorship. Here is the link to the google drive folder to view all the pictures from the fashion show.


The second article from the Red & Black does a follow up and has additional pictures taken by their staff.


Rick Elrod, the President of IACDE Southern Chapter said, the students did a wonderful job and was proud to be there and give our support to the next generation of apparel workers.  He'd especially like to thank Dr. Laura McAndrews for her help in putting this all together.