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2023/2024 IACDE 3D Summit: Back to the 90’s: A 3D Dive into the Iconic Fashion Era

All IACDE members, external Patternmakers and Technical Developers, join us for the events on the 17th of November 2023 and 12th of April 2024 and the workshops in between!

workshop agenda

28th Nov 202311:30 AM17:30EcoShot by MetailIntroduction to Ecoshot Model Images for 3D Design
19th Dec 202311:30 AM17:30EcoShot by MetailEcoShot for Menswear Design
24th Jan 202411:30 AM17:30EcoShot by MetailEcoshot for Womenswear Design
25th Jan 202411:00 AM17:00Chargeurs PCC3D Digital Design of Interlinings
31st Jan 2024TBATBABrowzwearDesign Brief A-Z: Design Brief Slip Dress
8th Feb 2024TBATBABrowzwear90’s Related Design
22nd Feb 202411:00 AM17:00Chargeurs PCCTBA
6th Mar 202411:30 AM17:30EcoShot by MetailEcoShot Digital Styling and Presentation
13th Mar 2024TBATBABrowzwear90’s Theme as a Designer
21st Mar 202412:00PM17:00Chargeurs PCCTBA
27th Mar 2024TBATBABrowzwearSubstance Designer x Browzwear Workflow
Back to the 90’s: A 3D Dive into the Iconic Fashion Era – Workshop Agenda

Event Agenda (17th of november 2023)

09:00 AM15:00Intro
09:05 AM15:05Opposing Excess: Minimalism and Grunge in 1990s Fashion, Colleen Hill Curator of Costume and Accessories at the Museum of FIT
09:50 AM15:50Launch of Digital Assets
10:00 AM16:00Sessions from our sponsors
10:50 AM16:50Workshops announcements and closing
Back to the 90’s: A 3D Dive into the Iconic Fashion Era – Agenda for the 17th of November 2023

sponsors for this event

We are proudly sponsored by Diamond Sponsors Browzwear, Chargeurs PCC, Ecoshot by Metail, and Gold Sponsor Vizoo.