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IACDE 3D Summit: Back to the 90’s:

Final Event Day Agenda 12th of april

All IACDE members, external Patternmakers and Technical Developers, join us for the final event on the 12th of April 2024!

Event Agenda (12th of april 2024)

breakout room sessions

(Separate invites for each specific breakout room will go out to participants that submitted an assignment)

08:00 AM14:00Breakout Room Sessions
09:15 AM15:15Short break

Main event

09:00 AM15:00Virtual Sponsor Booths open
09:30 AM15:30Intro
09:35 AM15:35KEYNOTE SESSION: Why 3D Matters in the Age of AI, Sylwia Szymczyk
10:00 AM16:00WORKING SESSION: Combining 3D with AI for Realistic Designs, Sylwia Szymczyk
10:30 AM16:30Breakout room summaries
11:00 AM17:003D Summit Award and final words
11:15 AM17:15End of Main event and Virtual Sponsor Booths open again.

Keynote Session: Why 3D Matters in the Age of AI

In this session, I’ll dive into the critical importance of 3D technology in fashion, especially now, as AI transforms our landscape.

We’ll navigate through the differences and complementary roles of 3D and AI in fashion, using vivid examples to showcase why 3D’s precision and realism are indispensable.

I’ll demonstrate how merging 3D with AI doesn’t just work—it revolutionizes, leading to groundbreaking solutions in fashion that are both imaginative and practical.

About our Speaker:

Sylwia started her career in the traditional fashion value chain (pattern making and garment development) and has been working on seamlessly integrating technology into the fashion industry.

She is quickly becoming a go-to source for fashion innovation. She has 15+ years of experience working with major fashion powerhouses like Armani, Max Mara Fashion Group and VF corporation.

Sylwia is passionate about driving innovation in fashion through harnessing the power of people, collaborations and partnerships.

Working Session: Combining 3D with AI for Realistic Designs

Join me for a hands-on journey where we blend 3D tech with AI to forge designs that dazzle and are ready for both the runway and production.

This immersive session will reveal the magic of marrying stunning visuals with essential garment-making details, achieved through the harmonious synergy of 3D and AI.

Prepare to be inspired by the future of fashion innovation, where technology meets creativity in a spectacular fusion.

sponsors for this event

We are proudly sponsored by Diamond Sponsors Browzwear, Chargeurs PCC, Ecoshot by Tronog, and Gold Sponsor Vizoo.