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IACDE Japanese Chapter

The Japanese chapter’s story started in 1970 with the first president Mr. Masato Nakanishi. Their first international convention was held in Osaka, Japan in 1983 and counted 638 attendee. We participates to IDA competitions to present our technologies at the conventions. Our focus is high awareness of quality and precise technology that leads to the improvement of the service industry-wide.

1970’s to 1988

This decade for Japanese members was the meeting with the association and its members. We studied and knew what was IACD and the members of IACD. In addition, it was the decade for Japanese to study Western technology. In 1970’s, the first Japanese designer member, Mr. Makio Kamisaki became the IACD International designer member. After that, Mr. Shigeo Asano, TOHKAI THERMO Co., LTD. Became Industrial member of IACD in 1976. In this time, he was asked by MR. Hy Feiner, Executive Director to set up the new chapter in Japan. In September, 1978, IACD had admitted the establishment of Japan chapter, because the Japan Chapter had got the condition of five International Designers member of IACD.

1989 to 1998

This was the decade of growth as we increased the number of international members, we participated in many conventions. The Italian convention in Milan on 1996 was a good opportunity for new generation members joining IACDE. The Japan Chapter had increased their International members year by year. We had a wonderful 20 years anniversary event of IACDE Japan Chapter in Tokyo and Osaka in July 1998.

1999 to 2010

This decade was the step for taking part in the association and its events. We tried to participate in IDA competitions and other opportunities to present our technologies at the conventions. In addition, we had the events for cooperating with mainly Chinese designers. Finally, we produced the first Japanese President of IACDE, Mr. Katsunori Maki in 2008/2009.

In 2004, we had our 25 years anniversary event at Shanghai with some Chinese designers. Then we continued the same kind of events in Beijing (2005) and Dalian (2006), and these activities were background for setting up a new IACDE chapter in China. In 2008, we coordinated the annual convention in Shanghai. This was the occasion of the attestation ceremony of the China Chapter and the inauguration of the new IACDE president, Mr. Maki. In the year 2008, the Japan Chapter had our 30 years of anniversary.

Nagano Takashi


Sanyo Shokai Ltd.

Tomoo Matsuda

vice president

Atelier Folm Co.


Vice President

Murotani & Co.,Ltd.

Keiichi Asano

Vice President

Tohkai Thermo Co., Ltd.

Mikio Sugaya

General Secretary

Towa Plum Co., Ltd.

Hirohisa Nagasawa

Board Member

Tohkai Thermo Co., Ltd.