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IACDE 3D summit

Don’t wait for 3d to happen, #make3dhappen

The IACDE 3D Summit is a bi-annual online event for patternmakers, technical developers, and 3D enthusiasts. Our participants are beginners, intermediate and advanced, they come from around the world, and they work for luxury fashion brands, high street brands, fast fashion retailers and factories. With the statement “Don’t wait for 3D to happen. #Make3DHappen” we promote the participants to get active, make new learnings and upskill in 3D. Through collaborations around the event theme, we give them digital assets and tools to complete an assignment and share their learnings at the summit.


to help promote and democratise 3D product development for patternmakers and technical designers through collaborations around our event themes

We as IACDE want to be, and in many respects already are, the global leaders of the Fashion Industry’s movement towards a true tech revolution. With 3D simulation and visualization, the Metaverse/NFT/blockchain, automation, machine learning, A.I., and Industry 4.0 fast approaching, it is our duty as the premier professional organization in the fashion industry to lead, guide, educate, upskill, and discuss with our members on how to get the maximum out of all these technologies.

Image Credit: Dita Penzova, Browzwear

connecting the dots

education and connection

With our members’ technical knowledge, we have an opportunity to bridge the existing handcraft of making physical garments with the new technology of 3D garment creation. In true IACDE fashion we want to democratize these learnings and educate members and colleagues. Through workshops we address topics like 3D Techniques, 3D Workmanship and 3D Fit. With the launch of our Educational Project, we connect educational institutions with the event giving the teachers and students the chance to develop and upskill in 3D together with the “professionals”.

Besides education, we believe that the various technology providers can use our help in understanding the particular needs or usecases of professional users. We see this as an opportunity to connect the technology providers of our industry with the actual users of their technology.

Image Credit: Amber Isaacs, Tailorex

Technology providers who have been participating and/or sponsoring our 3D summit include Adobe, Alvanon, Assyst, Browzwear, Chargeurs PCC, EcoShot by Metail, Shima Seiki, Style3D and Vizoo, and as more summits take place, more technology providers will join these names. If, as a technology provider, you are interested to join these highly valuable events, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 3D summit is at the moment a bi-annual event. Right now, it takes place on a Friday in April and in October, and takes around half a day. These events are free of charge to join, both for IACDE members and non-members.

We encourage everyone interested in 3D fashion design to join us, as we’re sure our Summits will be invaluable for you in learning new techniques and new features. We also encourage technology providers to contact about collaboration possibilities at future 3D summit.