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iacde local chapters

Apart from the International Organization, the IACDE consists of 7 local chapters, each covering a certain region in the world. Local chapters are independently established and organized, though always under the bylaws and guidelines of IACDE International. These bylaws and guidelines aim to ensure the seal of quality and the mission of IACDE around the world. The core values of IACDE are: Education, Practice-to-Practice, Expertise, Networking and Innovation.

Each chapter may independently have certain areas of interest it focuses on. Chapter presidents are elected by chapter members every three years, and the President is supported by a board, who he or she hand picks.

Local chapters are supported by member fees, as well as local sponsorships. From this, two to three local events are organized each year, such as factory visits, workshops, or dinners. Just like the International organization, local chapters are and have to be non-profit. We exist solely for the benefit of our members and local Presidents and board members do not receive any compensation.

Our local Chapters in alphabetical order:

  • Benelux
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Nordic
  • North America (includes Canada)
  • Southern US

Please see below for more information on each chapter.

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

IACDE Benelux Chapter

Our youngest chapter, founded in January 2022. IACDE Benelux wants to focus on the importance of software and technology within the Fashion Industry, and offering a direct link between students and companies – the Fashion Industry is changing rapidly, is becoming ever more digital and intertwined with the software, IoT, gaming, and 3D industry, and young, promising students can and will make a huge difference in our industry the coming years. Besides that, we want to educate and make aware our members of the huge advantages that software, automation and 3D can offer and how 3D correlates to the physical world.

Ruben Bakker


Tailored Technologies


IACDE german Chapter

The IACDE German Chapter was founded in 1975 by outstanding menswear experts and related companies from the clothing industry. Since then enough has happened in the German Club to take our breath away. We have established a club for experienced and young product developer in menswear, ladieswear, outerwear, sportswear, 3D and made-to-measure. We are supported by our associated partners from the supplying industry and apparel technology companies. Today, IACDE Germany offers workshops, master classes, presentations, social events and round tables to specific topics in pattern design, technical engineering and future technology.

Anne Kölbach


Munro Tailoring

Alexander Sextl

vice president

Sextl Schnittservice

AndreAs Fellenz






christian pirch

Board Member

Hugo Boss

Gerhard Wolf

Board Member

Garment-Solution-Partner AG

Silvia Schöning

MANAGING General Secretary

Agentur FABIAN


IACDE italian Chapter

Known as a very creative nation we share our creative intelligence on the international scene. The Italian IACDE chapter was founded in the early seventies and grown throughout Italy with the accession of the best design companies and organisation such as Made in Italy. Our growth and success are due to the active participation of various presidents, shareholders and the work done by the secretaries.

The chapter counts 83 members and is composed of 18 industrial members including members of prestigious institution like Canali and Brioni, 47 pattern designers, 7 junior members and 11 associate members. The first president was Emidio Tucci and the club had successively fifteen presidents. The current president is the Associate Designer Lodovico Zandegù. Four conventions were held in Italy : Ischia , 1974, Abano Terme – Venice 1985, Milan 1996, Naples 2003.

Fabrizio Brescianini



Bruno Magnaguagno

vice president

Ravazzolo – Confrav SPA

Paolo Cartabbia


Macpi S.p.A.

Simone Visani

General Secretary


Mauro Ardiri

Representative Innovation Technology

L’Artigiano di Ardiri Mauro

Daniela Cattaneo

Representative for young Talents and Education

Hugo Boss Ticino SA

Elena Marina Freretti

Representative Production

Progetto & Ricerca Srl

Ettore Pellegrini

Representative for the Industrial members

Asahi Kasei


IACDE Japanese Chapter

The Japanese chapter’s story started in 1970 with the first president Mr. Masato Nakanishi. Their first international convention was held in Osaka, Japan in 1983 and counted 638 attendee. We participates to IDA competitions to present our technologies at the conventions. Our focus is high awareness of quality and precise technology that leads to the improvement of the service industry-wide.

1970’s to 1988

This decade for Japanese members was the meeting with the association and its members. We studied and knew what was IACD and the members of IACD. In addition, it was the decade for Japanese to study Western technology. In 1970’s, the first Japanese designer member, Mr. Makio Kamisaki became the IACD International designer member. After that, Mr. Shigeo Asano, TOHKAI THERMO Co., LTD. Became Industrial member of IACD in 1976. In this time, he was asked by MR. Hy Feiner, Executive Director to set up the new chapter in Japan. In September, 1978, IACD had admitted the establishment of Japan chapter, because the Japan Chapter had got the condition of five International Designers member of IACD.

1989 to 1998

This was the decade of growth as we increased the number of international members, we participated in many conventions. The Italian convention in Milan on 1996 was a good opportunity for new generation members joining IACDE. The Japan Chapter had increased their International members year by year. We had a wonderful 20 years anniversary event of IACDE Japan Chapter in Tokyo and Osaka in July 1998.

1999 to 2010

This decade was the step for taking part in the association and its events. We tried to participate in IDA competitions and other opportunities to present our technologies at the conventions. In addition, we had the events for cooperating with mainly Chinese designers. Finally, we produced the first Japanese President of IACDE, Mr. Katsunori Maki in 2008/2009.

In 2004, we had our 25 years anniversary event at Shanghai with some Chinese designers. Then we continued the same kind of events in Beijing (2005) and Dalian (2006), and these activities were background for setting up a new IACDE chapter in China. In 2008, we coordinated the annual convention in Shanghai. This was the occasion of the attestation ceremony of the China Chapter and the inauguration of the new IACDE president, Mr. Maki. In the year 2008, the Japan Chapter had our 30 years of anniversary.

Nagano Takashi


Sanyo Shokai Ltd.

Tomoo Matsuda

vice president

Atelier Folm Co.


Vice President

Murotani & Co.,Ltd.

Keiichi Asano

Vice President

Tohkai Thermo Co., Ltd.

Mikio Sugaya

General Secretary

Towa Plum Co., Ltd.

Hirohisa Nagasawa

Board Member

Tohkai Thermo Co., Ltd.

Sweden, Norway, finland, denmark

IACDE nordic Chapter

The IACDE Nordic Chapter is a local chapter in Sweden and a member of the IACDE International organisation.

The chapter was founded in February 2014. Our aim is to create a platform and a forum for knowledge transfer and networking between our members from the apparel industry in Sweden and as we grow in the Nordic countries. This is made possible by arranging themed events for our members.

We are planning to hold one to two themed full day events per year where we gather our members to listen to speakers, take part in workshops/discussions and to network.

In the Nordic Chapter today we have 60+ design members from 20+ companies. They are pattern makers, pattern designers and technical designers from different parts of the Swedish apparel industry. They come from both the men’s and women’s wear brands and they are working with tailored garments, casualwear, sportswear and denim. We also have three Swedish schools represented in the chapter. We are the networking platform for all sectors of pattern designers worldwide. Continuing to shape the future of tailored, casual, denim and sports fashion.

Hans Olsson


Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.

Per-Martin Dahlqvist

vice president

ACG Nyström

Carina Nordström

Vice President and international representative


Marita Blomqvist

General Secretary

ML Pattern

Helena Nyman


J Lindeberg AB

Josephine Ahlengren

Board member


Ylva Hedlund

Board member


Anna Kumler

Board member

ASK3D Studio

Gerben van den Broeck

Board Member

Chargeurs PCC

Helena Waclaw

Board member

Helena Waclaw Mönsterkonstruktion Ab

Canada, United States

IACDE north america Chapter

Welcome to the North American Chapter of the IACDE, the International Association of Fashion Designers and Executives! IACDE was founded in 1910 in the Fashion District of New York and formerly known as “the Fashion Designers Association”. The IACDE annual convention is mainly organized in North America with the support of the New York Chapter. In 2010, we celebrated IACDE’s 100th anniversary in Toronto, Canada. The first 100 years of IACDE’s international headquarters (from 1910 to 2010) were located in New York City. In 2010 they moved to Europe.

Due to the rapid growth in the number of members in the first half century (1910 to 1960), it created many local IACDE chapters in Canada and the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Rochester, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Montreal and Toronto. Since 1966, IACDE NY Chapter, today’s IACDE North America Chapter, is operated under the International Association of Fashion Designers and Executives. Through IACDE, many well-known apparel industry leaders have been contacted and honored: Ralph Lauren (1988), Martin Greenfield (1989), Alan Flosser (1999), Claudio Del Vecchio (2003), Joseph Abboud (2004) and many others! I

n the 20th century, IACDE was mainly a tailor-made executive committee for men, but today, IACDE is made up of global members with extensive experience in the fashion industry. We are committed to excellence and open the door to anyone in the global fashion and apparel industry. Our existing members have rich experience and talents and can provide new young members with concepts from all aspects of the apparel industry to finished products.

Our IACDE North America Chapter includes the following changes in members to form a global network of fashion industry leaders:

  • Creative Designers all categories ( DAG, My Suit, Cambridge Group)
  • Technical Designers & Product Engineers (Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman, Tailored Brands, HBC Saks Fifth Avenue Hudson Bay and J.Crew)
  • Pattern Makers ( Pattern Service – A. Rubino, Fechheimer Brothers Company)
  • Product developers & Merchandisers ( Saint Laurent)
  • Trims Suppliers, Supply Chain Executives (Freudenberg, Kufner, Continental Collection LLC, Trim Logic )
  • Entrepreneurs & Executives (Joseph Abboud)
  • Technology (Partnering with Gerber Technology & GT Innovation Center NYC)
  • Educational leaders, FIT, and Parsons
  • Manufacturers & Industry members ( Joseph Abboud, Hickey Freeman & Samuelson )

The North American Chapter provides the following services and benefits:

  • Share our talents and exchange industry knowledge
  • Provide internship opportunities and professional networking opportunities
  • Hold seminars and workshops (from tailoring to sustainable 3D sampling) to develop new skills
  • Form alliances with educational institutions and provide lectures on demand
  • Assist the project according to the requirements of members or students
  • We actively participate in and support the IACDE Annual Conference
  • Besides, we provide seminars to develop new skills.

We look forward to infiltrating newer digital technologies, especially in this pandemic era.

We are very happy to provide virtual communications with our sustainable decoration suppliers, our domestic manufacturers, and our partners in the Gerber Technology Innovation Center in New York and its 3D micro factory.

We are honored to establish a trade show alliance with Premiere Vision and New York Fashion Week, WWD and MR Magazine. We are a diverse group and are proud of our commitment to social justice. We are your lifeline to enter the fashion and apparel industry.

R. Jeffery Diduch


Hickey Freeman, Robert Jeffery

Puneet Singh

vice president


Jennifer Del Vino

NA Chapter Secretary

Dragan Udovicic

Program Director

Tailored Brands

Michelle Renee’ Shafran

Treasurer/International Representative

Hudson’s Bay

southern united states

IACDE southern US Chapter

The USA-Southern Chapter of the IACDE was chartered in 1967 as the Atlanta Club of the IACD. The club grew quickly and soon became the Southern Chapter of the IACD, including designer members and suppliers from 12 states in the Southeast. Clothing manufacturers and other industry leaders later became Southern Chapter members when the IACD incorporated executives under the new name – IACDE. Due to the geographic size of the Southern Chapter meetings have been scheduled on a quarterly basis, while growing to over 120 members from 1970 through the 1990’s.

The mission of the Southern Chapter of the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives is to provide its membership with access to a global, professional network for the exchange of information pertaining to:

  • Fashion and retail trends
  • Design technology like 3-D
  • Developments and research
  • Concepts of garment construction products
  • Interaction with textile and fashion academia
  • Mentoring the next generation of Southern Chapter-IACDE professionals
  • Speed to market and Sustainability

The USA-Southern Chapter has hosted many international IACDE Conventions in Atlanta during the years that the IACDE’s semi-annual convention coincided with the Bobbin Show (an annual international apparel industry trade show). In addition, the Southern Chapter hosted memorable IACDE conventions in Charleston SC in 1990, in Nashville TN in 1995, and 1 in Key Biscayne FL in 1999 with all proving very successful for both the IACDE and the Southern Chapter, with attendance near 300 for each.

Some of our recent joint activities with the University of Georgia include sponsorship of the Fashion Design Student Association Spring Fashion show and in collaboration with the North American Chapter we held our annual panel discussions with the fashion students. This provides a forum to share our knowledge and expertise with the future leaders of our industry. Additionally, Lisa Jarvis, a world renowned stylist/ fashion director, currently working in Paris, was kind enough to share her creative work and journey into the fashion field with the students during a recent meeting via Zoom.

We look forward to growing our membership in the coming years and hope to attract additional industry members as we move out of the pandemic era.

Rick Elrod

President and international representative

Lanier Clothes

Professor Greg Vessels

Vice President and international representative

University of Georgia

Paul Dubnansky


Freudenberg retired

Richard Castellani


Dr. Christine Cole

Technical liaison

Clemson University

Steven DiBlasi

Membership Chair

Lanier Clothes

Armando Mendez

Global Sourcing

Michael Stark

Membership chair